August 2021 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2021/07/29

Brenda’s Pick: We are all perfectly fine: a memoir of love, medicine and healing by Jillian Horton M.D.  This memoir winds in and out from within the setting of a meditation retreat centre. The attendees are all doctors. Be prepared to get to know your doctor better…much better. Jill Horton is a medical educator from the University of Toronto and she enters

March 2021 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2021/03/06

Brenda’s Pick: The reality bubble by Ziya Tong This book takes aim at humanity’s willful blindness through a series of chapters that create an awareness of wonder and then shows the underbelly. The mind-opening facts and examples conclude in the final chapter, “Revolution”. “The greatest scientists in the world are remembered because they burst our

January 2021 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2021/01/19

Brenda’s Pick: The smallest lights in the universe by Sara Seager Toronto-born author/astrophysicist, Sara Seager was recently named an officer of the Order of Canada for her research and study of extra solar planets. Her engaging memoir is such a mix of highs and lows from her love and fascination with the stars and planets to

November 2020 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2020/11/10

Becky’s Pick: Caste : the origins of our discontents by Isabel Wilkerson Reading through the last chapters of Caste: the Origins of Our Discontent during the days around the 2020 US presidential election was no less than terrifying. Wilkerson uses her journalistic skills to amazing effect, the writing is both beautiful to read and brings into

September 2020 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2020/09/10

Brenda’s Pick: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese This novel appeared over 10 years ago. Written by a doctor, the story follows the lives of identical twin boys, Shiva and Marion. Set in Ethiopia, the story has so many levels of family life, medicine and physicians, political unrest, coming of age, loyalties and love…but written

Summer Reading Club Case #7 – Shadow and Light Finale!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

 Case 7 is Shadow and Light Finale! Hello Detectives! I hope that you are ready to crack our last case together! This week we will be using interesting things we find in nature (Leaves, grass, flowers, etc) to create a fascinating piece of art! This case requires some of a detectives most important characteristics, patience

Summer Reading Club Case #6 – A Book With A Mystery Inside!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #6 is A Book With A Mystery Inside! Hello Detectives! This weeks case involves lots of secrecy and sleuthing ability. Every detective needs a place to hide their clues, so for this case you will be making a book that can hide a secret! I hope you detectives are ready for this case, it

Summer Reading Club Case #5 – Perilous Puzzles!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

 Case #5 is Perilous Puzzles! Hello Detectives! This case will require you to put on your best thinking cap, and pay close attention to detail! Make sure you have your magnifying glass for this case, because things are about to get a little…puzzling! Supplies Needed: – Perilous Puzzles Instruction sheet (available here) – Cutout cardboard

Summer Reading Club Case #4 – Mysterious Mysteries of Detection

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #4 is Mysterious Mysteries of Detection! Hello Detectives! I can almost hear your detective senses tingling at the idea of a new Case! This weeks Case is going to require you to use one of your most important senses…… your sense of touch! Since we know the best detectives are on the case, we

Summer Reading Club Case #3 – The Case Of Very Small Things

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #3  is The Case Of Very Small Things! Hello Detectives! It is that time of week again, time for a new Case! This week we will be creating one of a detectives most prized possessions, a Case to keep all their investigative finds in! This case requires you to put on your investigative hat