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April 2023 Staff Picks

Brenda’s Pick :Ten steps to Nanette: a memoir situation by Hannah Gadsby

Cover image for Ten steps to Nanette : a memoir situationWhether or not you have viewed “Nanette” on Netflix, Hannah’s book will fill you in on her life leading up to the live comedy performance. Born in Tasmania, she is to say the least, an unconventional performer. “What’s a punchline without a little punch?” Her insights spring from her experiences, and the memoir goes deep into self-recognition and acceptance. I loved her many levity-adding footnotes…

David’s Pick : Our Share of Night by Mariana Enriquez

Cover image for Our share of night : a novelPolitical turmoil, twisted family dynamics, and the blackest of black magic are swirled together in this epic. Supernatural horror is combined with the horror of political upheaval and the nightmare of disappeared people through the recent history of Argentina, resulting in a peculiar but effective blend of realism and fantasy.

Natalie’s Pick : The Girls by Emma Cline

Emma Cline’s debut fiction title, The Girls won the 2017 Paris Review Plimpton Prize, and it’s a fascinating read set in 1969 that eludes to a Manson-like cult in California. The protagonist, Evie Boyd is drawn to a carefree group of girls that she sees hanging out in a park, but doesn’t realize that it is all a façade and things are about to take a dark, sinister turn. Cline writes this book with an intellectual bent, and I found it engaging and so impressive for a first novel.

Sonia’s Pick : Bedtime for Bo by Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold & Mari Kanstad Johnsen

Cover image for Bedtime for BoBedtime for Bo beautifully captures a bedtime dance performed by a tired, loving, parent and an energetic youngling who tumblesaults through nighttime routines and an array of animal forms as he gradually, imaginatively, makes his way to bed.  This relatable book stands out in the category of bedtime picture books with vibrant illustrations and a sweet example of steady, playful parenting guiding the way towards sleep.