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Suggest a Program

Are you an author with a new book to launch?

Or perhaps you are a local expert with knowledge to share?

Consider hosting an event in partnership with the library!

  • For adult audiences, email your proposal to Adult Program Coordinator, Mark Merlino:
  • For teens, contact Teen Program Coordinator, Mel Edgar:
  • For children, reach out to Children’s Program Coordinator, Sonia Zagwyn:

Please note that a library partnership requires free-of-charge entry, open to everyone, and that we prefer two months notice in advance of your proposed date to ensure proper promotion.

For children’s authors, there’s also the option of joining the monthly “Book the Stage” Community Storytime on the last Wednesday of the month. See instructions at the bottom of this linked events page.

If you are a for-profit business we may be receptive as long as your product or company is not being promoted but rather a topic of interest is being presented with intentions to inform the community. For events that are intended for promotional purposes of businesses, or events that you prefer to charge a fee, please see our meeting room booking form and fees, and book independently.

The library staff reserve the right to pass on your proposal as a partnership.

Regularly scheduled library programs take precedent in the schedule.