Summer Reading Club Case #3 – The Case Of Very Small Things

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #3  is The Case Of Very Small Things! Hello Detectives! It is that time of week again, time for a new Case! This week we will be creating one of a detectives most prized possessions, a Case to keep all their investigative finds in! This case requires you to put on your investigative hat

Summer Reading Club Case #2 – Fingerprint Forensics & Felons

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #2 is Finger Print Forensics & Felons! Hello Detectives and welcome to your next case! This week we will be using our detective skills to look at our own fingerprints, examining every swirl and loop! We will also be getting creative using fingerprints to create our own suspects, transforming a fingerprint into a sneaky,

Summer Reading Club Launch: Case #1 – Plant Your Undies!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2021 -Crack The Case! Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2021! You can find the instructions for Case #1 Plant Your Undies here if you would like to print a copy! Weekly Case tutorials will be posted on PRPL’s YouTube and linked in this blog on Wednesdays, if you are registered

Sleuth Essentials – Remote Summer Reading Club

Last Updated 2021/06/23

Sleuth Essentials Activities Welcome Detectives! We hope you are already investigating all sorts of mysteries around Powell River! In order to keep your mind sharp and your eyes laser focused, we have included some essential items that every Sleuth will need! These essential items include a Mystery Mask, Secret Explorer Uniform, and The how to

February 2020 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2020/04/24

David’s Pick: The New York Times Book of Movies: The Essential 1,000 Films to See Dargis, Manohla (ed.)  This collection of New York Times film reviews is fascinating to skim through, since nearly all of them were originally published at the time of the original release of the films. It’s an interesting snapshot of how

December 2019 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2019/12/19

Brenda’s Pick: Maiden DVD “The finish line knows no gender.” This is a true sailing story with original footage from 1989. What makes it so unique, exciting, and inspiring is that it was the first time a crew of all women sailed in the Whitbread Round the World Race.  Tracy Edwards, a 26-year-old from England

October 2019 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2019/10/16

David’s Pick : The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies by David Thomson “This book is a love letter to a lost love, I suppose” writes Thomson near the end of this imposing and very readable history of film. It’s a good mix of straight-up history, with some deep dives into the figures for whom Thomson

August 2019 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2019/07/31

David’s Pick: Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell One of Orwell’s funniest and most visceral books, Down and Out describes, in glorious and squalid detail, some months that Orwell spent among the poor, living a precarious existence. Despite the tone of desperation throughout, it’s really very entertaining, and Orwell’s renowned clarity of

June 2019 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2019/05/30

David’s Pick: Rupture: The Crisis of Liberal Democracy by Manuel Castells This brief but dense book addresses the recent turn to the right, in some cases to the far right, in politics worldwide, with special attention given to the Trump presidency, Brexit, & recent upheaval in Spanish politics. It’s an excellent primer, very readable & thought-provoking.

April 2019 Staff Picks

Last Updated 2019/05/01

Jayme’s Pick: The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman People can see into the future; lives and deaths are predetermined at birth; magic, especially women’s magic, plays an important role. To give one’s life for one’s child, one’s lover, one’s friend or one’s god, is the highest honour. Suffering and death are an inescapable part of life,