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Art in the Library

The Library is in collaboration with the qathet Art Society who are taking applications from local artists to exhibit their work temporarily in locations throughout Powell River, including the library!

Our current artist is Kerensa Haynes (March 2023 – present) and her display “Beyond Touch & Feel is What You See.”

The first artist featured was Yeonmi Kim (July 2022 – January 2023) and her series “Sewstainability”:

Permanent Installations:

Bear Island

The First Credit Union gifted ‘Bear Island’ by Anna May Bennett, which was installed in the the First Credit Union Community Room in the Library on February 20, 2020. One entire wall was covered by the mural depicting trees, moss and dappled sunlight, bringing the westcoast forest indoors.

Press Release ‘Bear Island’ Mural Installation

Kieran Fogarty has created a 3D-rendering of the mural for all to enjoy!

Tree Frog Sculpture

The Rotary Club – Evening Group funded the design and installation of a leaping tree frog created by metal sculptor Heather Wall, on the Alberni side of the library in March 2019. The frog can be seen from the Children’s area inside the library.

Tree Frog News Feature


Alley Mural by Meghan Hildebrand and Luke Ramsey

PREP Society (LIFT) and Decoda Literary Solutions commissioned a brilliant mural by artists Meghan Hildebrand and Luke Ramsey filling the whole wall in the alley behind the library, in September 2018. Westcoast wildlife and the ocean shore were portrayed in Hildebrand’s iconic style.

Alley Mural News Feature

Long Journey Home by Ed Oldfield

In honour of Dr. Elsie Paul

Ed Oldfield, renowned for his nature-themed Raku pottery, designed a school of pacific salmon in their life cycle (Chinook, Coho, Chum and Sockeye) called “A Long Journey Home” displayed above the Nook cafe at the Library’s entrance. The inscription acknowledges Dr. Elsie Paul, an Elder of the Tla’amin Nation and author of Written as I Remember It, for her longstanding contributions to the qathet District and her efforts in retaining and celebrating Tla’amin heritage. The honour was presented to her on March 4th, 2016.

As I Remember It [electronic resource]

Frog Carving by Ivan Rosypskye

The central figure at the Library’s service desk is a frog carving by Coast Salish carver Ivan Rosypskye, which has its tongue protruding to show that it is sharing stories. The carving had the approval of the Tla’amin Nation and was installed for the opening of the new library, July 2017. A workshop was offered by Rosypskye highlighting the symbolism, uses, and design of Salish Art.

Ivan Rosypskye News Feature

Teen Room Mural by Luke Ramsey

With funding from the Friends of the Library and the Powell River Literacy Council the teen room was amplified by a vibrant mural designed and painted by artist Luke Ramsey. Skateboards, slices of pizza, hockey sticks, and hearts were some of the symbols included to beckon teens when they visited the new library, launched in July 2017.

Luke Ramsey Website Feature

Eco-Industrial Design Features

Powell River artists and designers were selected by the Library Design Committee to enhance the new library space. See details below.

Library Design News Feature

Service Desk by Leo Zagwyn

The gorgeous alder wood service desk was designed and created by carpenter Leo Zagwyn, who has a special connection to the library as he is husband to former Children’s Program Coordinator, Deb Zagwyn and father to current Children’s Program Coordinator, Sonia Zagwyn. The stunning center-piece includes flat-file cabinet unit, program display insert, and unique copper plates depicting a westcoast shoreline, as well as Rosypskye’s frog feature.

Children’s Area Features by Colin MacCrae

Furnishings, Design Features and Display Units

Relish Interiors

Your Advantage Renovations


Wood Sculpture (Eagles)

Near the drop-off book slots at the library’s entrance is a dramatic wood sculpture featuring eagles mid-battle, which was an acquisition from the City of Powell River to support more public art and showcase the results of the annual Logger Sports competition.

Public Art News Feature

Metal Bike Rack Sculpture

Grade 4 students of Powell River contributed creative designs for metal bicycle racks to be installed around town, including a Jellyfish which is available for cyclists in front of the library. The project was made possible due to the metal-working skills of Colin MacCrae, and support from Divisions of Family Practice, Vancouver Coastal Health, Powell River Cycling Association, SD47 and City of Powell River.

SD47 Kids’ Bike Racks News Feature


Custom CD Dividers

Our music collection has some very unique elements with laser-cut wood CD dividers for the various genres of music, from Pop, Jazz, Opera to Rap, and more. The designs were created by Gauntli in the PR Makerspace.