Computer & Internet Use

Library Public Computers Policy

The Library provides free public computers to access the internet, perform basic office tasks, use learning and literacy-enhancing software provided by the Library and to consult the Library’s catalogue.

Patrons must use only the software provided by the Library on its public computers. Please ask for assistance from staff at any time.

The Library provides access to its public computers according to the principles of Intellectual Freedom and consistent with its Mission and Vision.

Patrons who use Public computers are expected to adhere to the Library’s Etiquette and Decorum policy.

Library Public Computer Use by Children

All children, regardless of age, may use the Library’s public computers.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to limit their children’s use of Library computers and enforce those limits if they wish.  The Library assumes that all children who use the Library computers have their parent’s or guardian’s permission if required.

Parents are solely responsible for how their children use computers at the Library even when their children are unaccompanied.

Materials promoting safe use of the Internet by children are placed near all public computers.