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Teen Poetry Contest – The Weather

April is National Poetry Month AND Earth Month! Celebrate and share by writing a poem that dives into the experiences and feelings inspired by the weather on Planet Earth. Contest closes midnight April 26.

Prizes for TEENS are in TWO age categories: Ages 12-15 & 16-18.
1st PRIZE: Youth 6-punch climbing pass
2nd PRIZE: 5 Rec Complex passes
3rd PRIZE: 2 Patricia Theatre tickets

For the kids contest on the same theme, contact

Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines:

Write a poem and submit your entry by midnight April 26. Please email your poem to  along with your name, age, and grade. Additionally, as winning poems will be celebrated online, parents or guardians are required to complete an online consent form.

Contest Rules

  1. Any format of poem is acceptable, including any written form, spoken word, or music lyrics.
  2. The submitted poem must be an original and unpublished work (including self-published online, broadcast or performed in front of an audience). Previously published authors may submit texts, providing that the submissions are unpublished works.
  3. There must be only one author per entry.
  4. Written poems must be no longer than one single-spaced typed page. Performed spoken word and/or music lyrics, must be no longer than 2 minutes long.

How to submit your poem: 

  1. Please email your poem along with along with your name, age, and grade to by midnight April 26.
  2. As winning poems are to be celebrated online, parents or guardians are required to complete an online consent form.

Please note: by entering the contest, you consent to having your name and work published online. We are unable to make winning entries anonymous.

Judging Criteria:
The purpose of the contest is to celebrate POETRY!  Submitted poems will be assessed by a guest judge based on the creativity, clarity, originality, and  message of the work.

* PRPL would love to hear and see your work. You may address mature themes in your work, but we reserve the right to decide if overly explicit situations or gratuitous violence are unsuitable for a 12-18 audience. Additionally, while poems can explore mature themes relating to human experience, poems may not include sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic comments.