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Summertime Ukulele Song Circle

BRING YOUR VOICE and some hand-clappy toe-tappy rhythms to these family-friendly summertime sessions led by PRPL’s Children’s Services Coordinator. UKULELE OPTIONAL!

This program is best suited for everyone, from babies to grown-ups. Adult supervision is required. Full details below:

Children are an important part of the community the library serves and are encouraged to use the library and attend programs with the supervision of an adult. This supervision may take the form of an adult co-attending a program or remaining within the library for the duration of a program. In either case, caregivers are responsible at all times for the safety and behaviour of their children and must be available to provide any necessary support to their child in library programs.

PRPL does not provide childcare through its services and programs and cannot assume responsibility for children left unattended in the library or at a program. Children who wish to leave a library program may choose to do so and will not be accompanied by staff.