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Basic Rules for Room Bookings

  1. On arrival, ask for a staff member at the library desk for the key. It will be checked out to your library card.
  2. You are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs for your event. Please re-stack chairs when you are finished.
  3. Clean up after yourself as best you can. You will be charged $30 per hour extra if the room is left extremely messy.
  4. Do not use tape or glue on the walls.
  5. Your activities should be orderly and not disrupt the normal running of the Library.
  6. Persons using this room will comply with all library policies and rules as well as federal, provincial and municipal legislation.
  7. Damage to the facility will be paid for in full at a cost determined by the Chief Librarian.
  8. You must not block any passageways or emergency exits or move furniture into the hallways. If furniture needs to be moved from the meeting room, please speak with a staff member.
  9. The person or organization booking is not entitled to allow another person or group to use the meeting room in their place.
  10. The library reserves the right to reschedule, refuse or cancel a meeting room booking if there is potential for disruption to library operations.
  11. The Library reserves the right to have a staff member in attendance during an event.
  12. No retail operations may take place in the rooms with the possible exception of book sales from an author reading.
  13. You must not admit more than the maximum number of people, as described by the room occupancy, into the meeting room.


  1. You are responsible for all publicity for the meeting or event. The Library logo is copyright and may not be used without express permission from the Library.
  2. Permission to use the rooms does not imply the Library’s endorsement of the users, their activities, statements made or their beliefs.
  3. Upon request, the following statement must be displayed prominently at the event or in promotional materials “Statements do not necessarily reflect the values or opinions of the Powell River Public Library”.

Permits and Liability

  1. No Alcohol may be served without written permission from the Chief Librarian or designate. The organization must provide copies of all necessary permits prior to the event and follow all municipal and provincial requirements.
  2. The Applicant shall be responsible legally, financially, and otherwise for any damage to the said premises as a result of the use and occupation thereof under this agreement. The Applicant agrees that they will indemnify and save harmless the Powell River Public Library and its officers, employees, servants, agents, successors, and assigns from and against any and all claims whatsoever including all damages, liabilities, expenses, costs, including legal or other fees incurred in respect of any such claims, or any cause or proceedings brought thereon arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the granting of use of the said premises.