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February 2020 Staff Picks

David’s Pick: The New York Times Book of Movies: The Essential 1,000 Films to See
Dargis, Manohla (ed.)

 This collection of New York Times film reviews is fascinating to skim through, since nearly all of them were originally published at the time of the original release of the films. It’s an interesting snapshot of how reviewers’ attitudes to cinema has changed over the last 100 years or so, and occasionally funny to see how a reviewer’s initial reaction to a film might not quite agree with current critical opinion (e.g., Hitchcock’s Psycho).

 Leanne’s Pick: The Runaway Princess by Johan Troïanowski

Robin isn’t your typical princess; she doesn’t like to sit quietly at home. She loves adventure and exploring strange exotic places and meeting new friends. This charming graphic novel is filled with beautiful colourful artwork, three engaging stories, and even some interactive elements.

A fun and entertaining read!

Natalie’s Pick: Pepper and Frannie by Catherine Lazar Odell

In this delightful picture book two best bunny friends, a motorcycle-riding introvert and an out-going skateboarder, encourage each other to try new things and overcome adversity. Toddlers can definitely relate to the highs and lows of falling and getting back up, and how a kind word of support from a friend makes all the difference.

Linda’s Pick: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

A beautifully-written first novel by poet, Ocean Vuong. This is one to read slowly and savour.