Borrowing Guidelines

You may borrow up to 30 items at a time.  Most items including books, CDs, magazines and DVDs can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks.  New adult items can be borrowed for 2 weeks.  Return your materials on time and in good condition to avoid fines and charges.  To learn about fines and other potential charges, see our Loan Periods and Fines.  You can learn more about all this by reading the Statement of Policies .

If you need to renew your books you can do this in person at our Service Desk, by phoning or emailing us or by using My Library Account online.  You need to do this before the item is due in order to avoid fines.

If an item you want is already checked out, you can place a hold.  To do that, just phone us, send us an email or use My Library Account online. When your turn comes, we’ll phone or email you and you can pick up the item at the Library.

If you can’t find it in our collection, we’ll try to borrow it for you from another Library.  To learn how to do this online, read about Interlibrary Loans on this website.