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Astro Essentials – Mission Remote Summer Reading Club

Last Updated 2020/06/26

Astronaut Mask Materials: -Astronaut Mask printout (available here) -Popsicle Stick -Scissors -Glue Stick Instructions: 1. Colour your mask 2. Cut out your mask 3. Glue Popsicle Stick to the back of your mask 4. Show off your mask! Solar System Crown Materials: -Solar System printout (available here) -Colouring Pencils or Felts -Scissors -Glue Stick -Construction

Mission Remote Summer Reading Club 2020: Explore Our Universe!

Last Updated 2020/06/24

      Summer Reading Club: Explore Our Universe is ON! In light of ongoing physical distancing, PRPL has envisioned this year’s SRC as a FREE pick-up-and-go package jam packed with seven weeks of out-of-this-world fun designed to engage school-aged children, ages 5-14, with libraries and reading, throughout the summer! REGISTRATION FOR THE TAKE-HOME PACKAGE