eAudiobooks: Downloading to a Computer

Last Updated 2021/04/30

MP3 vs WMA eAudiobooks are available in 2 different formats: MP3 and WMA.   MP3: Compatible with most devices, including Mac and Windows computers Can be transferred to iPod or other compatible music players Can be downloaded directly to mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) using the OverDrive Media Console app WMA: Compatible with just

eBooks: Downloading to a Computer

Last Updated 2021/04/30

Find out more: About the Service Compatible Devices eBooks: Downloading to a Tablet or Smartphone Transferring eBooks to an eReader  audioBooks: Downloading to a Computer Transferring to an iPod or MP3 Player Finding and Borrowing Items & Placing Holds

Computer & Internet Use

Last Updated 2021/05/26

Library Public Computers Policy The Library provides free public computers to access the internet, perform basic office tasks, use learning and literacy-enhancing software provided by the Library and to consult the Library’s catalogue. Patrons must use only the software provided by the Library on its public computers. Please ask for assistance from staff at any