Mid-Week DIG

Mid-Week Dig After School Explorations, Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm at the Library in the First Credit Community Room
This free, drop-in after school program for kids 8-12 will entertain and engage with a new theme every five weeks throughout the school year. 

Bloxels from Sept 5-Oct 3. Explore video games as a creator! Learn to make characters, bad guys, and whole worlds with Bloxels. Over 5 weeks you’ll go from just an idea to playing your own game. Have your own smart phone or tablet? Bring it along!

Ink Tank from Oct 10-Nov 7. Comic creators and story scribblers put your inking caps on! Start with a warm-up, then choose your own doodle adventure: gags, strips, minicomics, character design and more!

Tidal Zone from Nov 14-Dec 12. Ready players? Try out the best of the best games hand-picked and demo’d by local experts from High Tide Games.