Memoir Anthologies

The Monthly Memoir Writing Program has curated their work into several books and e-books. We welcome you to enjoy the stories, and hope that it inspires you to put your own stories on paper.

Turning Points: A Memoir Anthology

turning points poster

The e-book is available for download in PDF, MOBI (Kindle Friendly) or EPUB formats.

“Turning Points is a book of 18 true stories–all written by seniors participating in the Powell River Public Library’s Memoir Writing for Seniors program. Some of the turning points are obvious—a pregnancy, the onset of a war, a decision to trust a face unlike one’s own, and a bus on a road with dangerous turns. Other turning points are subtler—the passing of time after a significant loss, the loss of one’s chopsticks, and a lesson learned via a can of peas, which was the inspiration for the cover of this book. All of the stories are personal and offered with an authentic intent to inspire, entertain, or simply share a turning point remembered.”

an excerpt from the introduction written by Sandra Tonn


Taboo: A Memoir Anthology


The e-book is available for download in PDF, MOBI (kindle friendly) or EPUB formats.

“When I suggested “taboo” as a theme for our memoir writing project, some of the seniors were apprehensive. … It wasn’t until the submitting and editing process was complete that the 23 writers who participated all agreed it was a wonderful topic. I think you, the reader, will agree. Some stories show how taboos have changed over the years and others show how far we still have to go. Some are funny and others are heart-breaking. All them are 100 percent true, which is the bitter sweetness of memoir writing. I often say, “You couldn’t make this stuff up!” It’s that real. Each writer’s intention was to share a taboo slice of life and they’ve all succeeded wonderfully.”

an excerpt from the introduction written by Sandra Tonn

Slices: A Memoir Anthology



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“While the 36 authors featured in this anthology live in Powell River, their stories take the reader to a stunning and surprisingly diverse range of times and places—as far away as England, Burma, and Africa, to an ice rink in Toronto, airport security in Calgary, and Canada’s Yukon on a frozen day. Readers will travel as far back as the Second World War and to events from just few years ago. And of course, some stories are from Powell River’s history—lessons from a Brooks high school biology class, a pet seagull at the Ragged Islands, and drama in a Texada Island hotel. The publication’s title, Slices, describes the type of memoir writing the authors do—not the whole, chronological recording of life, but instead the capturing and crafting of slices of life. Each of the authors is a graduate of the Library’s Memoir Writing for Seniors program.”

an excerpt from the introduction written by Sandra Tonn