Wild Side Sr. Book Club

Updated 2017/07/18

2017/07/05 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Anne Woznow Room
6975 Alberni Street
Wild Side Sr. Book Club @ Anne Woznow Room

Gr. 4 to Gr. 7

Kester Jaynes is a trouble child, mute and locked away. After he is rescued by an unlikely assortment of uncivilized creatures he realizes that he has an important role to play in their survival. This year’s Senior Book Club pick, Piers Torday’s The Last Wild, follows Kester as he navigates dangerous territory to save the natural world.

July 5



Who is Kester Jayne’s and why is he locked up in Spectrum Hall?


Kester Jayne’s doesn’t speak – until he finds himself communicating with an intrusion of cockroaches late at night.

July 12



Kester escapes captivity.


After six years Kester is led away from Spectrum Hall. He’s led into a forest and called to guide the last group of animals in hopes of salvation for all.

July 19



Kester finds a safe place to sleep, and a friend named Polly.


With no means of communication with Polly, Kester has to find a way to explain his mission, and not get caught by authorities.

July 26



Kester and Polly find themselves taken in by a woman named Ma and quickly find out why she is the leader of the farm people.


Which side is Ma on?

August 2



The animal wild has grown and they are nearing their destination.


Will Kester find what he is looking for and save the animals from a disease that will wipe out their existence?