Wild Side Jr. Book Club

Updated 2017/07/18

2017/07/04 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Anne Woznow Room
6975 Alberni Street
Wild Side Jr. Book Club @ Anne Woznow Room

Gr. 1+

What if you had a goofball uncle who turned your bedroom into a canning machine – then took you out of school and forced you to work? Would you run away from packing endless-fish-tins to live a life of freedom? Stanley Potts does just that in David Almond’s book, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas.

July 4

Children will be welcomed into the world of fish, fairs, and Stanley Potts.


This introductory session will give children the opportunity to get a feel for what will come in the weeks to follow. Our hour and a half will be spent exploring the wild world of Stanley and a hands-on wild activity.

July 11



We’ve entered the fairgrounds and Stanley has gained a job!


Come join us to see what will become of Stanley as he takes on his new role at the hook-a-duck booth.

July 18



Life at the fair seems to be a good fit for our Stanley.


Stanley has found many new friends on the fairgrounds – including the goldfish he strives to save.

July 25

Swimming with piranhas?!


Someone has been watching Stanley and thinks that he might have what it takes to take the plunge into the tank with the sharp toothed fish.

Aug 1



The moment of truth.


In our last session we will see if Stanley can defy the odds and swim in peace with piranhas. Will he dance with the fish – or will he get eaten alive?