Read to Dogs

Updated 2019/02/28

2018/11/08 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
First Credit Union Community Room at the Library
Sonia Zagwyn, Children's Services Coordinator
604-485-4796 (ext 212)

Readers ages 5 to 10 come share a story with the Library’s four- legged friends. These St. John Ambulance child-certified therapy dogs have ears of the floppy, pointy, velvety variety and they are GOOD listeners. Cuddles and tail wags abound.


jerrys blanketCircleJerry is a 4-year old Golden Doodle who absolutely LOVES to snuggle.  If you don’t continue to pet him, he takes his paw and gently gives you a little nudge and then places his big paw on top of your head.  Jerry loves tennis balls almost as much as he loves snuggling.  He can chase them all day long! You’ll often see Jerry roaming the beach of Lang Bay with two green tennis balls inside of his mouth.   (Handler’s name:  Deb Maitland)


Alex and KelseyCircle Kelsey is a nine-year old Lab that still thinks she’s a puppy!  She adores people, playing with other dogs, swimming at Powell Lake and butt scratches.  Kelsey does not like the rain or leafy greens.  (Handler’s name:  Alex Rawnsley)



URSA BookmarkCircle

Ursa is an Australian Shepherd who loves long walks in the forest.  She thrives on love and attention and will nudge your arm to remind you to rub her back.  Since she doesn’t have a tail to wag, she wiggles her whole body when she’s happy.  (Handlers’ names:  Lucy Dalpiaz & Lynne Steinman)



Mali photoCircle

Mali is a 6-year old Golden Doodle.  She’s as cute as a button and as gentle as a little lamb.  Mali loves long, leisurely strolls, chasing birds and lots and lots of snuggles and treats.  (Handler’s name:  Sharon Shultz)



LexiBookMarkCircleLexi is a six-year old Leonberger.  Lexi is our longest-serving Therapy Dog in Powell River and has been on the job for five years.  Don’t let her big size scare you because she is as sweet and gentle as can be!   Lexi is also a calm and loving mom who will work for cookies.  (Handler’s name;  Ulrike Koleszar)



Freda'sfirstdayCircleFreda is a mixed-breed Husky-Lab-Shepherd-Chihuahua, blessed with a sweet nature and a quick mind.  Freda was adopted by her handler Vanessa in hopes that she’d make a good running buddy that would keep the bears away but it turns out that Freda is a bit of a couch potato!  Luckily Freda has lots of other delightful qualities including a sense of humour, a love for snuggling, endless patience and the most beautiful eyes ever.  (Handler’s name:  Vanessa Sparrow)



Tessa is one of our senior dogs … but please don’t tell her that.  Although she is 12 years old, she is full of energy!  Tessa is a beautiful, loving, big, bouncy Lab who will chase a chuck-it-ball forever!  Tessa’s nickname is “The Composter” because she eats kale, carrots peas, berries and almost anything else that she can harvest from her mom’s garden.  (Handler’s name; Pat Good)



Keesha is a 5 year old Australian Labradoodle. She is sweet and gentle and loves to make new friends!  Keesha also loves to play fetch, swim, hike, go camping and eat lots of treats.  Her nickname is Keesha The Wonder Dog.  She thinks her nickname is pretty cool and whenever she hears it,  she begins to dance and wag her tail!  (Handler’s name; Cheyene Dyer)