Summer Reading Club

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Last Updated 2021/05/17


BC Summer Reading Club 2021 – Bonus Cases

Last Updated 2021/08/12

Hello Detectives! In celebration of our last week of Summer Reading Club we have made some optional bonus cases that you can crack! Create Your own Scarab Beetle Amulet  Since both of our Summer Reading Club books involve an Ancient Egypt theme, we thought you would like a case that involves something every great Pharaoh

Summer Reading Club Case #7 – Shadow and Light Finale!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

 Case 7 is Shadow and Light Finale! Hello Detectives! I hope that you are ready to crack our last case together! This week we will be using interesting things we find in nature (Leaves, grass, flowers, etc) to create a fascinating piece of art! This case requires some of a detectives most important characteristics, patience

Summer Reading Club Case #6 – A Book With A Mystery Inside!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #6 is A Book With A Mystery Inside! Hello Detectives! This weeks case involves lots of secrecy and sleuthing ability. Every detective needs a place to hide their clues, so for this case you will be making a book that can hide a secret! I hope you detectives are ready for this case, it

Summer Reading Club Case #5 – Perilous Puzzles!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

 Case #5 is Perilous Puzzles! Hello Detectives! This case will require you to put on your best thinking cap, and pay close attention to detail! Make sure you have your magnifying glass for this case, because things are about to get a little…puzzling! Supplies Needed: – Perilous Puzzles Instruction sheet (available here) – Cutout cardboard

Summer Reading Club Case #4 – Mysterious Mysteries of Detection

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #4 is Mysterious Mysteries of Detection! Hello Detectives! I can almost hear your detective senses tingling at the idea of a new Case! This weeks Case is going to require you to use one of your most important senses…… your sense of touch! Since we know the best detectives are on the case, we

Summer Reading Club Case #3 – The Case Of Very Small Things

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #3  is The Case Of Very Small Things! Hello Detectives! It is that time of week again, time for a new Case! This week we will be creating one of a detectives most prized possessions, a Case to keep all their investigative finds in! This case requires you to put on your investigative hat

Summer Reading Club Case #2 – Fingerprint Forensics & Felons

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Case #2 is Finger Print Forensics & Felons! Hello Detectives and welcome to your next case! This week we will be using our detective skills to look at our own fingerprints, examining every swirl and loop! We will also be getting creative using fingerprints to create our own suspects, transforming a fingerprint into a sneaky,

Summer Reading Club Launch: Case #1 – Plant Your Undies!

Last Updated 2021/08/13

Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2021 -Crack The Case! Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2021! You can find the instructions for Case #1 Plant Your Undies here if you would like to print a copy! Weekly Case tutorials will be posted on PRPL’s YouTube and linked in this blog on Wednesdays, if you are registered

Sleuth Essentials – Remote Summer Reading Club

Last Updated 2021/06/23

Sleuth Essentials Activities Welcome Detectives! We hope you are already investigating all sorts of mysteries around Powell River! In order to keep your mind sharp and your eyes laser focused, we have included some essential items that every Sleuth will need! These essential items include a Mystery Mask, Secret Explorer Uniform, and The how to