Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Club Mission 7 – Radical Rockets!

Last Updated 2020/08/12

This week is Radical Rockets! This week we’ll be making slingshot rockets! The mission tutorial is available here. The Mission Sheet is available here. The instruction sheet is available here. Fins printout is available here.

Summer Reading Club Mission 6 – Awesome Extraterrestrials!

Last Updated 2020/08/06

Mission 6 is Awesome Extraterrestrials! This week we’ll be designing our own aliens! All you need is a pencil or pen, paper, and the planetary profiles. Check out our video tutorial here We also have a bonus video from artist Luke Ramsey! There is also a bonus colouring sheet! The Mission Sheet is available here

Summer Reading Club Mission 5 – Silly Sci-fi Stories!

Last Updated 2020/07/29

Mission 5 is Silly Sci-fi Stories! This week we’ll be writing our own wacky space mad-libs! All you need is a pencil and the mad libs available here. If you’ve never done mad-libs before, or just want a reminder, you can check out our video. Our instruction sheet is also available.

Summer Reading Club Mission 4 – In the Dark: Star Mythology

Last Updated 2020/07/22

Mission 4 is In the Dark: Star Mythology! This week we’ll be inventing our own constellations and making shadow puppets representing them. The mission video is available here. We’ve also got a bonus video from audio wizard extraordinaire Theo Angell detailing how to construct an interstellar soundtrack to accompany your puppets. Resources: –Instruction Sheet –Setting/Conflict/Resolution

Summer Reading Club Mission 3 – Light up the Sky!

Last Updated 2020/07/15

Mission 3 is Light up the Sky! This week we’ll be making Light-up exploded stars! The Tutorial Video is available here. Resources: -Exploded Star images -Instruction Sheet -Circuit Instruction Sheet

BC Summer Reading Club – Extra Activities Available!

Last Updated 2020/07/10

For anyone interested in extra activities above and beyond the Powell River Public Library Summer Reading Club Packages, resources are available through the BC Summer Reading Club. In particular, activities for older and younger kids are available on a weekly basis. I think the Tin Foil Boat Challenge is my favourite!

Summer Reading Club Mission 2 – Planetary Poetry

Last Updated 2020/09/04

Mission 2 is Planetary Poetry! The tutorial for planetary poetry is available here. Outer Space Inspiration Poetry Examples Instruction Sheet If you want, send your poems to

Summer Reading Club Launch & Mission 1 – Alien Bites!

Last Updated 2020/07/08

Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2020 – Explore Our Universe! Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2020! Instructions for Astro Essentials have already been posted. From now on, Mission tutorials will be posted on Wednesdays at noon. Junior and Senior book clubs are on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. There are also some special events being offered

Astro Essentials – Mission Remote Summer Reading Club

Last Updated 2020/06/26

Astronaut Mask Materials: -Astronaut Mask printout (available here) -Popsicle Stick -Scissors -Glue Stick Instructions: 1. Colour your mask 2. Cut out your mask 3. Glue Popsicle Stick to the back of your mask 4. Show off your mask! Solar System Crown Materials: -Solar System printout (available here) -Colouring Pencils or Felts -Scissors -Glue Stick -Construction