Summer Reading Club Case #7 – Shadow and Light Finale!

Updated 2021/08/13

 Case 7 is Shadow and Light Finale!

Hello Detectives! I hope that you are ready to crack our last case together! This week we will be using interesting things we find in nature (Leaves, grass, flowers, etc) to create a fascinating piece of art! This case requires some of a detectives most important characteristics, patience and the ability to find interesting objects!












Supplies Needed:

– Shadow an Light Finale Instruction Sheet (available here)

– One piece of Cyanopaper (Light activated paper)

– Gathered Plant Materials

– Small Weights/stones

– Adult Assistance

– Certificate of Detectiveness ( available here)

We have one last thing that we need to do before you can graduate with your Certificate of Detectiveness….DIG UP YOUR UNDIES from week 1! Make sure you take notes on what has happened to the underwear for the seven weeks it has been in the ground, and if your hypothesis was correct!  Come to this week’s present your case on August 13th from 10:00 – 10:45 to watch what me and Shiloh found when we dug up our undies!

Supplies Needed

– Shovel, trowel or Spoon

-Basin or Bucket of water

– Top Secret Note book

– Adult Assistance


Optional Make Your Own Detective Hat Activity

Supplies Needed

– Make your own detective hat template (available here!)

– Scissors

– Glue or tape

– Colouring Supplies


The Video tutorial for case #7 is available here! Make sure to check out our Bonus Cases available here!

BC Summer Reading Club has some fun activities released weekly! This week they made monsters out of cardboard and monster puppets!  You can access BC SRC activities here!


On Friday August 13th from 10:00 – 10:45 Am we will be hosting “Present Your Case,” a virtual meet-up where you can show us your amazing creation and all the little objects you chose to put in it! Since this is our very special last week, me and Shiloh will be digging up our undies and showing you what happened! If you our Registered with Summer Reading Club watch your emails on Friday August 13th for the link!

SRC teamed up with Green Thumb Theatre, allowing participants to tap into their creativity! Green Thumb Theatre will have professional actors do a live virtual play reading where they’ll select and read 3 different endings submitted by participants on Wednesday, August 18th @ 2pm on YouTube!  You can access SRC’s website here for more information!

Email Sonia at with any questions, comments, or concerns!