Summer Reading Club Case #6 – A Book With A Mystery Inside!

Updated 2021/08/13

Case #6 is A Book With A Mystery Inside!

Hello Detectives! This weeks case involves lots of secrecy and sleuthing ability. Every detective needs a place to hide their clues, so for this case you will be making a book that can hide a secret! I hope you detectives are ready for this case, it will require all of your attention and creativity!


Supplies Needed:

– A Book With A Mystery Inside Instruction Sheet (available here)

– Photocopied project pages from “Making Books With Kids” (available here)

– 2 Long Strips of Lightweight Paper

– Contrasting cover weight paper

– Colouring and/or Collage supplies

– Glue

– Scissors

– Spoon or other smooth, hard, object for creasing paper edges

Video tutorial is available here!


BC Summer Reading Club has some fun activities released weekly! This week they learned how to write their name in hieroglyphics and made apple mummies! I decided to use paint to write my name in hieroglyphics and painted it onto brown butcher paper. The apple mummies require patience as they take a full week to develop, but at the end of seven days you have a cool mummified apple!  Make sure to check out their video to see what the apple looks like after it has mummified! You can access the hieroglyphic key in their video description or here! You can access BC SRC activities here!


On Friday August 6th from 10:00 – 10:45 Am we will be hosting “Present Your Case,” a virtual meet-up where you can show us your amazing creation and all the little objects you chose to put in it! If you our Registered with Summer Reading Club watch your emails on Friday August 6th for the link!

Email Sonia at with any questions, comments, or concerns!