Summer Reading Club Launch & Mission 1 – Alien Bites!

Updated 2020/07/08

Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2020 – Explore Our Universe!

Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2020! Instructions for Astro Essentials have already been posted. From now on, Mission tutorials will be posted on Wednesdays at noon. Junior and Senior book clubs are on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. There are also some special events being offered by the BC SRC that can be found on the calendar here.

Mission 1 is Alien Bites!
Alien Bites can be used to hold your Calendar so you don’t miss any events:

And once Summer Reading Club is over, you can use them for remembering what day of the month it is!

The tutorial for making alien bites is available here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact Cole via email at